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News break (1755 – 2018) | Eleanor Jackson

How odd to still be watching

car crash house fire terrorist attack

and be we are the unsure we unsure the are we are unsure

if the cosmos and the polis will ever really agree,

if it is Augustine good god garden and falling so

into the abandonment of a Lisbon-like earthquake

with the whore houses standing, the temples of low men fallen

or free will alienation god benevolent impotent god?

Guilt and punishment linked only randomly,

the freak accident of sin slithering to suffering.

There is no causal god.

Not even the algorithm of the dictionary

will explain the gap between could and should,

the rise of reason-calculating individuals.

We by-pass 1984 and contextualise evil by saying:

How sweet to drown the human computer

in fine data,

violating only a few tenets,

not imagining this or that tsunami to be significant.

Adorno always misquoted

and everyone still writing poetry.

Eleanor Jackson is a poet and arts producer. Her poetry is published in Overland Journal, Arc Poetry Magazine, Going Down Swinging, Peril Magazine, Scum Magazine and the Cordite Poetry Review. Her first chapbook, A Leaving, is published by Vagabond Press.

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