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the devil wears ishka | Gareth Morgan

the streets tabernacle knuckles the skateboarders

his tavern carbuncles the watershed with its men

fake boulders hold hands in a green circle at twilight

stake holders careen and shuck into motion sickness

sweet marshals create porsches and form bread knots

maureen and co sweep dishes into these endless vigils

sleep well my dove on the beach but shall wake cranky

caress the tarot card reading oak scored tortoise shell

oh kill brilliant seeds and sneak over tapioca bridges

trap core ideas in a mollusc and trash does buckle over

torpid memory of isaac balloons and grows forlornly

ushered molecules in a stairwell of hearty soup for one

be sweaty and midges harangue the borsch and lottery

brash citizenry corrals new england by ukrainian night

Gareth Morgan is a poet and a postie from Melbourne. He has been published in Cordite and Rabbit.

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