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xeriscapes | Rose Hunter | ISSUE 2

nor does she mind them. nor does she floorboard

nor does she nail into place. the reserved friendliness

of sideboards, jumble sales & secondhand afternoons

spruced up like a bike path, a feeling of day planners

& Monday morning errands

with new, favorite, travel mug its ridged barrel

against her palm, the heat against her palm brand new

to the world & fortuitous (the luck

of the corner lot) clear-edged, the smell of watches

& herbal tea (lemongrass & ginger) not

reproachful even though

tiptoe (the essence of posture & working on a stamp)

polite/restrained hankering, fine dining (napkin spikes

& superfluous lip dabs) & picnics

endemic & solicitous; insouciant

& proffering a best light for painting, the polish

of cut & dried expectations the softness of Inca doves

chalk-tipped & slender-beaked as well-placed questions

fish-scaled & red-winged when taking flight

Rose Hunter's book of poetry, glass, was published by Five Islands Press in 2017. Born in Armidale, NSW, she has lived in many different places, and currently finds herself gravitating toward Brisbane and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. More information about her can be found at She tweets @BentWindowBooks, a chapbook press she launched this year.

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