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Bruised | Jenny Pollak | Issue 4

The dog barks and it's like both of us

being simultaneously abused.

The sound is an avalanche

then one stone

obsessively –

the short hand of the clock

marking the long monotony

of the day.

The dog is the clock. I hear her

pacing the room,

the awful circumference

of her hands.

The day passes like this. Her barking

detonating the hours

both of us turn

black and then blue again.

Jenny Pollak has been a visual artist for most of her life. In 2012 she began writing poetry, coming third in the ACU Prize for Poetry in 2013. In 2016 she won the Bruce Dawe Poetry Prize and in 2018 published the collaborative book length poem Shadowplay with the UK poet Philip Gross, Flarestack Poets (UK).

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