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Darkloss | Yvonne Deering

Out of town no streetlight houselight

darkness falls

like liquid licorice spilling.

Only moon bruised moon foxed moon cloud-shredded

soon collapsing back

into black.

An astonishment of stars of constellations such surprises

bird cry star-bright navigation

night migration.

Skittering mouse here small bat quick quick

possum shadowing owl too


Dog bark

house here grief of light loud bright

undone night.

Yvonne Deering lives in Central Victoria. She has been a student of Anthropology, English, Education, Art & Design, and Writing & Editing. She has worked as a secretary, secondary teacher, tertiary teacher, cleaner, dishwasher and waitress (in that order). Her writing draws largely on Nature and Place. She has had a smattering of work published including short fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

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