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Dream, Jan 1-2 | Alice Allan

Dreamt a lot these past few nights.

Aliens, gravity, weather, train stations, stars.

This morning, 4:13am my [boyfriend] was awake

on the couch with the iPad. So I’m a bit loathe

to get him up I tell his [swimming partner].

Writing this I realise I’m the kind of person

who uses the word ‘loathe’ in text messages.

I’m also still asleep do not wake him xx

[You’ve] never signed off with kisses before.

Is that what being a [father] is like?

I close [our] bedroom door quietly

as I do when I look after my [nephew].

I’d call this a jam-up day. White cloud. No stars.

I’m upset with [ ] for being so sensitive

about the fact my [ ] didn’t want to come

around yesterday. Time to make a new

running playlist. Time to book [ ] in

to [ ].

Alice Allan publishes the podcast Poetry Says, where she interviews poets from Australia and overseas. She also runs the Melbourne reading series Sporting Poets. Her work has been published in journals including Rabbit, Cordite, Southerly, Australian Book Review and Westerly, and shortlisted for the Blake Poetry Prize.

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