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It Would Be Different | Ali Alizadeh

for Anna

It would be different

if time didn’t pass

under these plaster wreathes

and classical balconies. It would be feasible

to say I am therefore

I think, if architecture held

an incomprehensibility. Matter

wouldn’t matter to me if

I’m not to be determined

by mortality. Maybe it’s solely

in the lover’s eyes

that time stops

being a horror, maybe love

is what we call

calm, happy expiration

of our flimsy materiality, if, say, in a city

buildings weren’t erected to be

venerated or knocked down

our basic shelters

transformed by the numinous of memory

into homes

that revert back to being

bricks, mortar and wood

just like us, when, unloved

as opposed to non-living

we become bodies, flesh, and dead.

Ali Alizadeh's forthcoming collection of poems, Towards the End, will be published by Giramondo in 2019. He is a Senior Lecturer at Monash University.

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