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Sick Things | Prithvi Varatharajan

They don't mean.

The clouds are

clouds (even

cirrocumulus, even


photographs are two dimensional,

a waxed-apple smile

just is, is just that.

There are no presentiments

of other things.

Is this how the bereaved


rain on a window,

black boxes,

eyes that shine?

Even the questions

don't seem worthy,

when they present themselves.

They’re just things,

sick things,

fizzing into convalescence.

Prithvi Varatharajan is a writer, literary audio producer, and commissioning editor at Cordite Poetry Review. His writing has appeared widely in Australian and overseas journals, and he has a book of poems and poetic prose, called Entries, forthcoming with Cordite Books in 2019. He holds a PhD from the University of Queensland on ABC RN’s Poetica.

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