Travelling Companion | Jarad Bruinstroop

after Paul Cadmus, Jerry (1931) 


In Puerto de Andraitx we wake
after the dark-haired fishermen
have reached the far side of the bay.

A sponge bath over the basin, a shave. 

For hours we draw
on cheap newsprint until the sun 
clears the mountains and the light shifts 
from pinot gris to buttermilk 

then we eat oranges and figs. 

For hours more we paint, 
oil on canvas,
two easels facing away
from each other 
on the small terrace.

Before the day fades
we walk the pie-crust beaches 
of the little coves, slip out 
of our clothes and swim.

Back at the pensión – no carpet, only
a charcoal stove – I nap in the echoes
of the afternoon. Later, I see you’ve 
sketched me sleeping. My body reclining
towards the horizon like the headland. 

I cook you tomatoes and eggs.   

When the lamp is lit, you read

aloud to me from bed

while I make notes for a painting

I will begin tomorrow. 







Jarad Bruinstroop is a writer who lives in Brisbane. His work has appeared in Cordite Poetry Review, Australian Poetry Journal, Rabbit Poetry Journal, Australian Poetry Anthology, Peril Magazine and Foglifter (US). He was shortlisted for the 2019 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize. He is undertaking a PhD at QUT. @jbruinstroop

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