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Bracken | Ben Walter | Issue 5

fern that sprints across the sand

and aches goats, I cast my eyes

in panic through the yellow

pea flowers, the native cherries

budding token fruit; you hid

me in reverie, the farm which

cropped these fields of brown

and green knees, the slashing

and the pressing and the

company of cloudy hair;

you're vanished, lost in the scrub.

grow before my eyes; unfurl

your carnival of fronds.

Ben Walter's poetry, essays and experimental short stories have been widely published in Australian journals, including Meanjin, Griffith Review, Southerly, Overland and The Lifted Brow. He won the 2016 John Shaw Neilson Poetry Award, and his debut novel manuscript won the people’s choice component of the 2017 Tasmanian Premier’s Literary Prizes.

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