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Island Time | Pip Smith | Issue 5

Now we are living

through the Memoir Mesozoic.

How many socialists will turn up

to tape the goon sack back to the chandelier?

How many offshore havens

will it take to build a heaven?

We call to each other as we drift on the current.

We are each so loud, it’s impossible to hear.

In case you missed me:

I am waiting for you

on the banks of this pile of rubbish. As it floats

from continent to continent, my allegiance shifts

like the colours on a squid. Make me out. Make out

with me. Tell me what we make together. On my own

I am best seen from a distance: a conglomeration of dust

precocious enough to clog up a suit.

Together we make – what? –

a kind of weather. Look at the clouds

puff at the moon, turn into rain,

and give themselves up to drink.

I want something bigger than me

to hook us, line

by line, through

the throat.

Pip Smith is a SMH Best Young Novelist of 2018 for her first novel, Half Wild. Her first poetry collection, Too Close for Comfort, won the inaugural Helen Anne Bell poetry award, and she once wrote a poem every day of summer for The Lifted Brow’s website. Her first children’s book, Theodore the Unsure, is forthcoming through Scholastic.

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