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Jetski Money | Liam Ferney | Issue 5

Preening with jetski money,

don’t champ Cliff when his Amarok

bounces in to Oma’s sandy carpark.

It’s not his fault he’s as obnoxious

as one of Dave Sabo’s solos.

When you go to Dili I get

Epicly Later’d past bedtime;

Oyola’s gnarly nosegrinds popped

off bumps he poured himself.

Cloudbreak smothers a fat chump

then I watch a deck flip, you slip

out of a backside tailslide

styled across a loading dock fifth step.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Liam Ferney is a poet and aspiring essayist. His most recent collection is Hot Take (Hunter Publishing). He hosts the Saturdays reading series in Brisbane and has captained the New Farm Traktor Collective since about 2011.

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