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Lullaby for... | Kathryn Hummel

Lullaby for the Sicker Sister

After the ballad of the Twa Sisters / de Två Systrarna / Binnorie

How fast infection—like attachment—holds—.

Dearest, seek rest now in harbourage—your curative

in homecoming—. We have captured this castle—

sown the fields with salt—plucked roots surpass the

martyr’s cross—tapers their benign coals—. Mark how

your blossoms bleed—all such imperiousness—.

Warm your wayward head, my own—safe in furrowed

catchments cried—. The dark dog of dreams

makes ready to devour—the accent of your foreign

ways—. To do good—to be just—wrest the catches

of your coronet—collapse into shapelessness—.

Malady—once compressed—turns down the stilling

eyeshades of the night—. Fever pares you

into feathers—. Always admiring yourself in flight—

aren’t you—dear heart, my own prodigal?

Dr Kathryn Hummel is a writer, researcher, multi-media artist and editor from Adelaide. Author of five books of poems, her creative and scholarly works have been internationally published/performed /translated /anthologised/ recognised. Poetry collections forthcoming in 2019: Lamentville (Math Paper Press) and splashback (2nd ed.) [Prote(s)xt Books].

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