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Questions for Walter ... | Simon Hall

Questions for Walter De Maria

Was it sterilised

Is it dusty

The windows must never be opened

What does it smell of

How does it stay moist

Do art saboteurs throw seeds at it

dandelion lint sorrel bulblets*

Surely a spiderling has come in on a coat

or an ant on a shoulder

Worms fungi nematodes assorted microscopia

have such types not set up shop

Old Macdonald had some flats

was that the authors' response

carrots through the ceiling

crows in the corn amid cows on the fourth floor

the town in tomatoes in winter

How did that building not rot

and how have those floorboards stayed fresh

Is there a liner of glass

Are visitors decontaminated before entry

Why has it not gone stale

Simon Hall is a third person from South Caulfield, a suburb of Melbourne, and has seen poems published in the past in Australian magazines, Verandah, Meanjin, Westerly, Going Down Swinging, Cordite, Egg Poetry and Hutt.

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