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As it Turns Out | Samantha Abdy

I have no taste for violence. winds rush by and it’s all windows, cars, open faces and blue

fingertips. forgetting the name for things standing at the sink. standing at the bench,

mixing flour. head tilted, what was that flower. the one crushed underfoot. I love geology

and I believe in the power of rocks and stones. remember that day we walked to the

shop to get bread. the path filled with worms. why. because it rained. birds understand

those metrics of violence. only a few remained. limping for the grass. I closed my eyes.

wind rippled my hair. you guided me. bitter oranges. the cake rose magnificently, and I

shut the door.

Samantha Abdy is a poet living in Melbourne. Work can be found online at scum-mag, Cordite Poetry Review, and LOR journal.

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