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mission creep | Jane Gibian

Autumn approaching the fiscal cliff, he had

a FOMO on the MYEFO, the pruned branches

of acronyms piling up around them. Grabbing

a strong latté, paranoid in his texting mittens,

overheard her muttered aside: He has a very

thorough knowledge of Section 32. Felt the mission

creep’s stealthy spread, imagined his partner

at home improving the house with vases;

distracting himself from the disappointment

of our spin bowler, who’s out with a hamstring


Jane Gibian is a poet and librarian whose work has been anthologised most recently in Contemporary Australian Poetry (Puncher and Wattman) and Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry (Hunter). Her publications include tidemark (Vagabond Press Rare Object series) and Ardent (Giramondo). In 2020 she will be undertaking a Varuna Residency Fellowship.

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