a mineral ... | Chantelle Mitchell

a mineral, a feather, a presolar beacon



cold light reflects off the surface

             a shimmer in the dark well above

vibrant matter to gleam or glean

satellite             a future fossil

hovering like one of those unidentified

             flying objects               tho we know this is not flying

it is an orbit         in rotation

                             the slow growth of a tree ring

a message for the dendrochronologist

sawing down the forests

            and reading atomic traces of the past


over us like a scythe 

these future fossils       

dug out of earth                        spun like gold

a Rumpelstiltskin journey     control and atmospheric politics

              I want to ask you

to call up our lost friend Lasseter

and tell him that the reef is floating         above

                          encourage him to strap on those Icarus wings

meet our maker              fossick thru

the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the sky

each satellite a cipher   each satellite a tree ring

or a coal seam     geosynchronous and orbiting with us

a following a refrain of loving and of grace

very kind                                  and committed 

these future fossils to be looking down upon us

                           like angels or like mothers







Chantelle Mitchell is an early career researcher, writer and curator. Her practice leverages fragmentary and archival approaches, addressing structure and place in the Anthropocene/Chthulucene. Her work has been published by The Lifted Brow, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Marrickville PausePlumwood Mountain Journal and others.

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