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The fox and the honeyeater | Rozanna Lilley

My mother told

how the red fox

came visiting that winter

My father found

her one night

in the lean-to kitchen

amber eyes alight

After that

they spent time together

standing side-by-side

considering the day’s scraps

That was the way

she loved him most −

gentling wild animals

If he was still here

I could tell him

about the honeyeater

who flew inside

How, washing up,

I heard the rush of wings

and swift turning

saw her curved beak

When I slid

the double-doors open

she returned

to the summer garden

Our tandem hearts


to the same steady beat

Rozanna Lilley’s poetry has appeared in newspapers, literary journals and anthologies. Her hybrid prose-poetry memoir, Do Oysters Get Bored? A Curious Life (UWA Publishing, 2018), was shortlisted for the National Biography Award in 2019. A poetry collection, The Lady in the Bottle, will be published by Eyewear in the UK in 2021.


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