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Summer 1978 | Rachael Mead

after Alison Flett

chlorine and filtergulp

toes grubwhite rawpad

slapstep on pebbleedge

hotskin coldskin dive

drygrass and prickleburr

cousinshriek knifesharp

can’tswim uncle shallowend

pooledge jesuschrist

bodybrown and slipperyseal

diplegs kink bubbleblue

tongue hotchip saltburn

iceblock orangesmile

sisterpink and babyoil

hollowcheek mum cigdrag

wobblehouse on watershine

mozziepot flameflinch

brutalblue and heavyheat

auntgossip smokecurl

last simple summery

toosoon skinfret body-worry

Rachael Mead is a poet, short story writer and arts critic living in South Australia. Her poetry collections include The Flaw in the Pattern (UWAP 2018), The Sixth Creek (Picaro Press 2013) and she has a collection of short fiction forthcoming in 2020.

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