(flix writer) | Pam Brown


in the meatspace days

                of home movies

             & surround sound

 i fell for your 

                  analog signals




a little glitch


a hyper modern

        infomercial hack


i rejected

          digital currency


         design software






              different now






bluesky the season -


we just throw things 

              up on the board

(it’s insane) 

               then we follow 

                down the line 

  of the lgbtqi writers

                            in the room

we only have 

       one straight male 

                            in the room



a very 

addictive show


our audience  -

      younger crystal addicts

           who laugh their way 

                            through it

        & get hooked


the buzz at the end

     leaves a good taste

             in your mouth


there’s a lot of fun

between the characters


          the wonder 

          of the show




a new language


we’ve taken off

          game of thrones 

                    you know


we wish there was a party

pulling on the heartstrings



you go 

           into the room

with an open vein 


my husband says

yeah you got that

that’s us 

          husband to husband


pushing the tone

                 horrific stories

about women for women


when the harassment stuff 

                               blew up

                 not super comfortable

                   not being too creepy

not being 

                  too issue-of-the-week

                        & earnest about it


we’re getting

            younger & younger







Pam Brown has been writing, collaborating, editing & publishing in diverse modes for decades now. Her most recent books are Missing up (2015) & Click here for what we do (2018) both published by Vagabond Press. She lives in Sydney on Gadigal land.

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