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Bronchial Tree | Luke Best

Son, I walk the airways of your lungs.

The diurnal trek, surgical hook and lancet

in hand, headlamp burning a path—

the tissue of the breathe-way,

clothed and double-coated,

the stalactites of mucus,

the bronchial tree.

At night while you’re asleep,

I listen for the rattle in its leaves;

the wet cough I’m to keep at bay,

the infections and infractions

for which I punish myself:

the lackadaisical defence;

the taking you into public

where people don’t cover their coughs;

where the bronchial tree—inverted as it is

with tracheal trunk—takes feed

from its roots, like any tree.

Luke Best was born in Toowoomba where he lives and works. His poetry has been published in literary journals including Overland, Verity La, Concrescence, Mascara Literary Review and Tincture Journal. His manuscript Percussion was Highly Commended in the 2017 Thomas Shapcott Prize. Luke’s verse novel Cadaver Dog won the 2019 Thomas Shapcott Prize and is due to be published by UQP later this year.

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