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San Pedro | Tamryn Bennett

Feathers mark the spot we circle thermals, find snake in stone and fig,

enter the kingdom of lichen. A gift of cactus mixed with lime and calamus.

Your eyes cast a net

the ocean our passage

how long we waited

swallowing sun, desert, sand.

Wind conducting cliffs

crow and eagle ringing cloud.

Past the waves we find wings,

speak pure universe

expanding beyond breath

to hover blue above your chest spinning in asteroid belts

a web of hair and healing.

Close your eyes I’ll keep watch while you

remember eternity

the planets sifted to find your bones.

In the gloaming garden we grow blue stars flowering between us.

Tamryn Bennett is a poet, artist and Director of Red Room Poetry. Her book phosphene is published by Rabbit Poet Series. A second collection, icaros, is forthcoming with Vagabond Press. She is the co-creator of the plant symphony with works exhibited in Australia and internationally.

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